1-6: Scholarship Search

by Jon SenderBack to Guide

Scholarships are a key part of making your abroad experience more affordable, simply because they’re available. If you’re staying at school as usual, no one really wants to give you additional funding because you’re not doing anything exceptional. But the minute you say you want to go abroad, tons of opportunities for scholarships open up because institutions like supporting worldly and out-of-the-classroom experiences. The reason why is not important; all you should care about is the fact that you can work with that.

Talk to people you know who have gone abroad before, and definitely speak with your advisor. Your school probably offers several scholarships, along with your university abroad, your temple or church, your local rotary club, various study abroad websites, etc. To be honest, the ones most fitting for you will probably come up by chance. I managed to find and earn three, totaling around $10,000 altogether. The first one I knew of, the second one somebody called me about when I was doing laundry one day, and the third one I discovered from a dean when I bumped into him at a campus event. The bottom line is: keep a lookout, check everywhere, and search hard because your parents will appreciate it.

To keep track of scholarships you’re seeking, use the “Scholarships” tab on the Study Abroad Master Plan Template.

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