3-1: Download Apps

by Jon SenderBack to Guide

Beginning of Part 3, tasks you should complete in the weeks before your trip

This is where you learn about a ton of incredible smartphone apps that will make your life easier when traveling!

Apps to Download and Register

  1. Airbnb – book someone’s spare bedroom
  2. Couchsurfing – crash on someone’s couch for free, it’s worth getting verified
  3. Uber – pay someone to drive you
  4. Skype – video call family and friends (add $10 to your account for emergencies)
  5. MagicJack – for communication, call any US number for $10/year

Apps to Download

  1. Moovit – get around anywhere using public transit
  2. SkyScanner – find cheap flights
  3. Hostelworld – find cheap hostels
  4. STA Travel – find cheap flights and cheap hostels
  5. ATM Near Me – locate nearby ATMs
  6. XE Currency – convert between any two currencies
  7. Units Plus – convert between any two systems of measurement
  8. Moneywise – keep a budget of your spending

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