3-4: Important Dates at Home

by Jon SenderBack to Guide

There are four key dates you’ll want to put in your calendar regarding things to take care of for next semester. It’ll be easy to get swept up in whatever’s going on where you are, but these you really don’t want to forget about:

  1. Registration – Have a plan for what classes to take next semester, assuming your course approvals all work out. Also have a backup plan in case they don’t. Either way, ask your advisor to remind you of your registration date and time, and don’t forget to account for the time difference when you log on.
  2. Housing Lottery – This applies only if you’ll be away during the housing lottery for next year. Since you’ll be away and won’t be able to go apartment shopping, either have someone sign a lease for you or opt to live on campus next semester, as that is easiest to arrange from afar. Talk to your friends about including you in the next lottery, even though it’s not for awhile, because you need to cover your bases. Then make sure they don’t forget about you out as the date approaches.
  3. Payment Plan – If your program is going to run long, as mine did, make a note of when to set up your payment plan for the next semester or ask your parents to do it for you.
  4. Parking Pass – If you usually have a car on campus, make a note of when parking passes go on sale. You can probably order it online. I always have.

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