4-2: For the Plane

by Jon SenderBack to Guide

Everything you don’t need with you on the plane should go into the luggage bag you’ll check. Everything else you can put in your backpack and/or carry on if you’re bringing one.

Make sure you have the following with you for the plane:

  1. Your passport and visa
  2. Your binder with everything in it
  3. A week’s worth of travel toiletries
  4. A change of underwear, socks, and undershirt
  5. Your wallet (with $300 local currency and $20 American)
  6. Cell phone, laptop, and accessories
  7. Local SIM card to pop in your phone after you land
  8. Contact info of the person picking you up, if you arranged something
  9. Contact info of your university abroad
  10. Snacks

A note about your wallet: you may wish to split the contents in half, bringing along with you a cheap backup wallet. You can divide your cash between the two, placing your main credit card in one and your main debit card in the other. Once you’re settled in abroad, keep the nicer wallet on you and the crappier wallet in your room, along with your passport. If anything happens to your main wallet, you want to ensure you’ll still have access to your money. Both wallets should each contain a form of ID and copies of your insurance cards.

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